On the Right side top of the website https://i3mobile.us, click on the option My Account to log into your account.

You will be able to see a screen as shown below;
Input your Mobile Number (MDN
and the password you have set to login.

Once Logged in, the page will show the following options;
The tab with your MDN shows the plan you have subscribed to, the usage details on current bill cycle (Data, Voice, SMS and Main Balance) & also the notifications.

The next tab is Account Information.
Here it shows your basic info which you have submitted at the time of sign up. You can also edit these details here.

Important: Your password should be 8 numeric digits only. Most people use their birthday in the format MM/DD/YYYY.

"Payment and Methods" is the next tab.
Here you can see the details of your payment card updated while subscribing the plan.
Here, you can also update a new payment card.
Please do not forget to select the mobile number account on which you need to make the payment method changes. 

"Support Tickets" tab allows you to create tickets to the support team. You can select the department whom should pay attention to your ticket and also select the MDN. 

The Next Tab is the "Sign Out" Tab which helps you to sign out from your account.
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