Step 1

Its very simple and only few steps! Click “Activate SIM Card” option on the page to start the process.

Step 2

Input the IMEI number of the device to check if you are eligible to use the services on it .
The IMEI info will be available on the phone >>Settings >> About device.

Step 3

Input the ICCID number of the sim card you have purchased here and continue.

Step 4

Input your basic info in this page;
Name and address
Email address and contact number
Date of birth (which will be the security password needed to open the account info).

Click on “Next Step “ to proceed to the next page .

Step 5

Select the Plan you wish to activate from this page 

Step 6

Once you have selected the plan, the succeeding page will ask you to confirm and input the payment info. 

Step 7

Here, you will get the confirmation Message as shown below;

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